Our security companies services provide everything from security guards to camera surveillance.


Concierges monitor access to the building and notify staff of any disturbances or emergencies. Since the concierge is the first individual encountered when a guest and/or resident enters the building, it is their duty to respond in an appropriate manner to those who enter. Essentially, the concierge monitors who enters and exits the building, and thus assumes the role of a guard. Each establishment will have different policies and procedures regarding who enters the building and how much freedom or access they have within the building. The concierge should watch for suspicious activity as well as any specific individuals prohibited from entering the building. Some concierge professionals may be equipped with telecommunication devices so that open communication can be established with other employees during hazardous or dangerous situations. Building access and security duties performed by the concierge provide safety and security to the occupants.

Every concierge/security officer receives formal training on emergency situations and how to respond if and when one occurs. This training includes the practices and procedures that should be followed before, during, and after an emergency situation takes place. These emergency plans delineate each employee’s responsibility during an emergency, details regarding the building’s emergency equipment, the various alarms and warning signals, and those in charge of notifying emergency responders. These trainings are done on a periodic basis. Since the concierge has a wide range of responsibilities, their role during emergency situations is essential.

Examples of emergency situations include fires, inclement weather, natural disasters, and nonweather threats that endanger life and/or property. Some factors we consider when approaching these situations include preparation, management, and prevention. Preparing for an emergency situation includes all of the activities that are done prior to a situation occurring. Managing an emergency situation includes the activities that help minimize the risks and impacts of an event by addressing it. Preventing an emergency situation includes the policies and programs to prevent the emergency situation from reoccurring. To successfully prepare, manage, and prevent there are many things that can be done, including: becoming informed about the hazards and emergencies that may affect the area, developing an emergency plan and practicing it, gathering supplies and organizing a supply kit, learning evacuation routes and shelter locations, and becoming familiar with warning systems and alarms.


At Truman Security our uniformed guards have a commitment to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of all guests, visitors and employees and the security of your company’s assets is an integral part of all operations. We consistently offer professional, friendly and proactive guest service while supporting fellow colleagues. Whether you require armed or unarmed officers, all of our officers are trained to:

Regularly patrol all areas and buildings on site.

Manage the presence of trespassers and unauthorized persons found on property according to site standards

Prepare and distribute electronic swipe cards and/or Deggy system.

Conduct security and baggage checks as required.

Monitor CCTV cameras and take all necessary actions to secure employees, visitors and property

Monitor and report any vehicle infractions occurring on property including parking, speeding, dangerous driving, etc

Promptly respond to any activated fire prevention devices, investigate causes and report findings

Respond to guest and staff concerns, including first aid and casualty care in a prompt, caring and helpful manner

Develop and maintain close and effective working relationships with all supporting departments

Complete daily log of shift activities and provide appropriate sections to departments within the property for follow-up

Maintain high standards of personal appearance and grooming, which include wearing the proper uniform and nametag while working

Follow and ensure compliance with all corporate and departmental policies and procedures

Perform any other function related duties and projects as assigned


Truman Security offers comprehensive security solutions. Our guard and camera surveillance capabilities are able to cover all aspects of your security needs. When we talk about security of any place, then surveillance cameras are the most popular equipment for this purpose. If you are willing to increase the security around your business premises, then a combination of video surveillance and active security officers will protect you across the board. This is a one-time investment that proves to be fruitful for preventing unwanted scenarios and providing top-notch security.

Vandalism Prevention:

Cases of vandalism can be deterred by installing Video Surveillance Cameras at the right places. These cameras help in monitoring any kind of external and internal destruction of the building. Suitable action for punishing the culprit can be taken thereof, along with preventing such situations.

Employee Motivation:

Video Surveillance Cameras are installed to keep a track on employees’ activities and their behavior. Their negative, as well as positive behavior can be monitored. If an employee is doing something praiseworthy, then it should be rewarded. This can be highly motivating for everyone else as well.

Harassment Prevention:

Employee harassment is very common in many offices and many cases don’t get reported also. Video Surveillance Cameras record complete footage and the concerned authorities get to know the truth. Relevant action can be taken thereof.

Truman Security is here to help you optimize your business and employee security.

When people attend a sporting event, concert, festival, or other event where a large crowd is anticipated, they not only expect to have fun, but also be safe while in attendance. However, in today’s world where violent incidents have occurred in the most unlikely of places, it’s now more important than ever to have security services present that can handle any situation that comes their way. For many event organizers who are in charge of planning various types of gatherings, Truman Security is the security firm they trust with their safety. Offering a variety of services for virtually any type of event, we work closely with every client to ensure we provide a customized security plan that will maintain the highest levels of safety, while still allowing those in attendance to have a safe and fun experience. 

Big and Small Events

When many people think of security for events, they often assume it is only needed for large events where thousands of people will be in attendance. However, that’s not the case at all. In fact, many events for which we provide security services are small gatherings, but ones in which security is still quite important. Whether it is a local celebrity doing a personal appearance at a store or other similar occasion, we here at Truman Security realize no event is too small to need skilled and experienced security professionals on the job. Nevertheless, we also have the capabilities to handle the largest of events as well. With many of our security personnel having previous experience in law enforcement and military operations, our guards bring a number of important skills with them to each event. No matter what type of event you will be organizing, having Truman Security on the job will make any event safer. 


No matter what type of event you have planned, there are many security services that need to be in place to ensure everyone’s safety. Some of the most important include crowd and media control, access control, and bag searches. Since it only takes one wrong individual or one bag not being searched for a fun event to turn into a tragedy, we take these services very seriously no matter the size of the event. By closely coordinating with event organizers, we are able to ascertain how these particular services will need to be put in place and handled by our staff. Therefore, when our security staff are on duty at your event, you can be assured no unauthorized individuals or items will make their way into your event. 

Contact Us Today

Since organizing any type of event, no matter its size, takes a tremendous amount of time and effort, worrying about the event’s security should not be a problem for organizers. By contacting us here at Truman Security, you can be assured all of your security concerns and needs will be handled in a professional manner. To schedule a free consultation to discuss the needs of your next event, contact us as soon as possible at 305-934-7858.

Our alarm response service provides you with an added layer of security – and peace of mind – knowing you have someone there to respond if your security is compromised.

We’ll thoroughly check the property, wait for emergency response personnel, notify you in an emergency situation and ensure that your business is safe and secure before we leave. We are equipped to station an armed guard or unarmed guard for as long as needed.

Reduce your liability of having an untrained or unqualified person or company respond to your alarm situations.

A big issue facing businesses are false alarms. Most burglar alarm activation’s are verified by calling the business owner or person in charge. If the alarm company is unable to verify that the alarm is false, they adhere to emergency call out procedures and dispatch law enforcement. Over 90% of alarm activation’s are false and can constitute great fines by your local Police/Fire departments. Typical fees range from $85 to $150 per incident. Utilizing alarm verification through Truman Security’s alarm response team we can help eliminate those fees. Truman Security’s alarm response service will save you money with just a couple of false alarms per year while keeping you and your employees safe from harm.

Private Investigations

In today’s world, it’s important to be vigilant when it comes to staying safe. Whether a company suspects employees of stealing or a spouse is suspicious of a possible affair, getting the necessary answers to these questions in a timely manner is crucial. Rather than leave the task to investigators who are inexperienced or too busy to give your case the time it deserves, let us at Truman Security put our years of experience and knowledge to work helping you find answers to pressing questions.

Investigative Methods

Whether a case is very simple or extremely complex, our team is up to the challenge. Since our investigators have years of experience in law enforcement and military operations, they are able to use traditional as well as innovative contemporary methods to solve cases. Having access to advanced databases used only by law enforcement and licensed private investigators, we are able to gather and analyze information in ways other investigative agencies simply cannot do for their clients.

Integrity and Confidentiality

Needless to say, when it comes to any type of investigation, integrity and confidentiality must be at the forefront. Because of this, we hire only the best and most qualified personnel as investigators. Using extensive background investigations, aptitude tests, and other methods, we make sure our investigators are the best in the business. By ensuring we have investigators who are reliable and trustworthy time and time again, we can ensure our clients will be given the outstanding and confidential service they expect and deserve.

Free Consultation

Rather than sit back and hesitate to find answers that can solve complex problems, schedule a free consultation with us here at Truman Security. After discussing your situation, we will give our professional opinion of what needs to be done, and let you decide if you wish to pursue a case with us. If you decide it’s time to put the best investigators in the business to work for you, give us a call at 305-934-7858.